PaintedNumbers is the art blog of Jovo Ve, an independent illustrator and art director. Graduated in 2011 from Linnaeus University with a BA in Visual Communication later moved on to work as head art director for profile clothing company Texet, currently he is enrolled at HDK's Masters program in Design. Clients range from Moleskine, Adidas, SHIFT Productions, Lil'Debbie, Me In My Place and Copic. As of fall 2012 Jovo Ve runs his own practice of independent creativity. Portfolio:
" H O R N Y   G I R L S   -   I X "Limited Edition of 10 // 50€ Euro50x50cm (IKEA FrameFriendly) Contact for more info.' Jovo Ve 
  1. " H O R N Y   G I R L S   -   I X "
    Limited Edition of 10 // 50€ Euro
    50x50cm (IKEA FrameFriendly) 
    Contact for more info.
    ' Jovo Ve 

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